Yadkin River Watershed Flood Group

Lewisville, North Carolina

Overhead view of the Yadkin River.

The Yadkin River is one of the longest rivers in North Carolina, flowing for 215 miles. The Yadkin River Watershed Flood Group, a group of citizens from Lewisville and Clemmons, has come together to address concerns regarding increased flooding, silt and sediment, as well as creek collapse along creeks and streams feeding the Yadkin River. They are working to address the lack of adaptation policies and the increase in flooding in the past three years in Lewisville/Clemmons townships. They proactively work with community leaders and are seeking creative funding approaches for policies and programs that will help preserve, protect and restore the Yadkin River Watershed and its communities.

Written by Michele Gielis


Yadkin River reaches highest flood level in decades after storms, WFMY News, November 13, 2020

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