Anthropocene Alliance

The nation’s largest coalition of frontline communities fighting for climate and environmental justice

"These environmental injustices and more are not hidden. They’re in plain sight."

Dr. Treva Gear, Concerned Citizens of Cook County,
Adel, Georgia.

Picture of Treva Gear and a team member from Concerned Citizens of Cook Country being interviewed.
Lead Agency member in front of sign in parking lot.

“We’ll have catastrophic flooding here if they don’t do something about it now.”

LEAD Agency, Miami, Oklahoma

“We have a house we can't live in, we have a house we can't rent, and we have a house we can't sell."

Barbara Weckesser, Cherokee Concerned Citizens, Pascagoula, Mississippi

Cherokee Concerned Citizens team holding signs saying Buy Us out.

Photo top: Bill Anders, Earthrise, NASA, 1968.