In need of an expert? We can help. Around half of our coalition members have been matched with pro bono scientists through a partnership with the Thriving Earth Exchange of the America Geophysical Union. We have also connected groups to legal, planning and insurance experts. Please contact us to benefit from this support, meanwhile see the additional resources below.

'How To' Guides

Hurricane Season Checklist

Prepare for hurricane season by ensuring you have all essentials covered—from emergency supplies to evacuation plans. Stay informed and ready!

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Starting a Flood Survivor Group?

Is it time to rally the troops? There is plenty of work to go round, and many hands make it light. We can help you partner with services and providers that will lighten the load and keep you afloat.
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Protest 101

You can vote in elections, or run for election, meet with elected officials, attend public meetings, send letters to newspapers. But sometimes, protest is the best way to build a movement and change things!


Flood Slogans and Chants for Public Meetings and Protest

Bringing humor to public meetings, hearings, rallies and protests keeps people’s spirits up and gets the attention of politicians, government officials and the media
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How to Get Politicians to do Things

People sometimes ask: “Why don’t elected politicians hear us?” Anthropocene Alliance has produced a brief guide to make sure they do. If you follow its three guidelines, you won’t always get what you want, but at least you’ll have a fighting chance.
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About to be Flooded?

The local weather report can be terrifying when you know that your river is rising fast. What do you do when the water is heading your way? Download this guide to help you take the necessary steps to protect your family and home.
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How to Organize a Twitter Storm

Need to get the attention of elected officials? Learn how to organize a Twitter storm to get the attention of elected officials.

Policy And Practice

Platform THMB

A 10-Point Platform on Climate Change

As leaders of an environmental justice organization called Anthropocene Alliance, we’ve seen the consequences of climate change close-up. We often get asked where A2 stands on issues relating to climate change. To answer some of these questions we have developed a succinct 10-point platform on climate change.
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The Great American Climate Migration

This document was the product of a series of roundtable discussions among grassroots leaders from ten low-income, Black, Latinx, and Native American communities. They were convened by Anthropocene Alliance (A2) and The Climigration Network (CN) between February 23rd and August 1st, 2021 to address The Great Climate Migration, the resettlement of some 30 million Americans over the next half-century due to climate change.
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Flood Survivors’ Manifesto

As the impacts of global warming accumulate, the need for progressive, environmental policy grows. Nobody knows this better than the grassroots leaders who comprise Anthropocene Alliance. We worked with them to develop a manifesto aimed at stopping or reducing flooding.
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How to Ban “Fill and Build”

Fill and build is the widespread practice of clearing a flood-prone site, piling up dirt, and putting buildings on top. This is a how-to guide for banning it.
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We also recommend these two short videos that explain the significance of Base Flood Elevation and fill and build to residents.

Using Nature to Address Flooding

Across the US, towns and cities are using nature to help reduce flooding. The practice, also known as green infrastructure, bring multiple benefits to communities. This webinar is presented by Dawn Henning from the City of New Haven, CT and describes their work bringing green infrastructure to the city.

We also recommend this video on green infrastructure.

Why Stormwater Models can be so Bad

If you’re fighting a development that you fear might flood you and your neighbors, you have good reason not to trust the stormwater models presented by the developers and engineers. Dr Steven Emerman explains why.

Inspiring Videos of Leaders

We have the largest video library of flooding footage in the U.S. This playlist of interviews with Anthropocene Alliance leaders may be particularly helpful. Here are a few of them:

What makes a successful flood advocacy group? Helen Lekavich launched Floodlothian Five in 2013 after severe flooding affected homes in the Village of Midlothian, Illinois. They share their story.

Suzanne Leary Hornick of Ocean City, NJ Flooding, has spent six years advocating for flooding fixes in her city. She discusses her successes and offers advice to other flood advocacy groups.

Hear our discussion with flood survivor advocate, Hilton Kelley from Port Arthur, TX. Port Arthur was devastated by the flooding from Hurricane Harvey, Hilton – an award-winning environmental justice advocate – has been working with residents and government to find solutions.

Illustration top: Todd Stewart, Mine Tailings and Tar Creek, OK.