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How We Can Help

If your community is impacted by climate change or environmental abuse, we may be able to help. Our free Frontline 360° program will :

  • Match you with scientific, legal, policy, communications and digital experts.
  • Provide free access to our EveryAction platform to run petitions and email blasts.
  • Offer grant writing support and small, direct grants to defray the costs of community organizing, including food, local travel, printed T-shirts, FOIA requests, website hosting, and modest stipends for volunteers.
  • Connect you to state and federal agencies, local and elected representatives, and members of congress.
  • Amplify your voice by connecting you to the media, granting agencies, nonprofits, and a monthly video forum to share experiences and learn from other grassroots leaders.

Membership in Anthropocene Alliance is free. Interested? Please contact us.

Frontline 360° is a collaborative project with the Environmental Protection Network, Thriving Earth Exchange, Community and College Partners Program, and Center for Applied Environmental Science. Please learn more in Inside Philanthropy and read some of our members’ reviews on Great Nonprofits.

Testimonials From Our Members

"It's been such a remarkable experience being a part of the A2 national coalition of change agents. We've cried together and celebrated our successes."

— Romona Taylor Williams, Mississippi Communities United for Prosperity, Duck Hill, MS

"Before becoming involved with Anthropocene Alliance I was looked upon as an anomaly to be ignored and dismissed. No federal, state, county or city entity would listen to me. My complaints about citywide flooding fail upon death ears. It was extremely frustrating to see myself and my neighbors treated as if our concerns were not valid. However now because of my affiliation with Anthropocene Alliance I am regarded with respect and I'm actually listened to."

— Jackie Jones, Reidsville Georgia Community Floods, GA

"Thank you for giving us the power and platform to forgo our individual crises, without you and the team network you’ve created we could never have gotten thru these processes."

— Terri Straka, Rosewood Strong!, Socastee, SC

"You have been my compass to success, and I can’t imagine where this community would be without your leadership. There was no such thing as “collaboration” on any level (local, county, state, federal) until you stepped in!"

— Helen Lekavich, Floodlothian Midlothian, Midlothian, IL

"Your efforts have been a catalyst for us. Seriously none of the last few days would have happened had you not inspired us. It’s like you challenged our creativity, and got us to be bold."

— Ana Zimmerman, Lowcountry Flooded States of American, Charleston, SC

"None of us could be what we are without you! You gave me the tools and connections I needed to affect positive change by using the power of the group. Like many of the group leaders, I have no real experience, just drive to make our communities safer and drier. You take that drive and turn it into action!"

— Suzanne Hornick, Ocean City NJ Flooding, NJ

"Thank you for throwing us a life line! Our organization was small and without the resources and would not have been able to connect with experts or to maneuver through the bureaucracy that stood in our way. With your help we have made great strides toward making change in our area and with our local government. The professionals that have given of their time for the benefit and betterment of our communities have been selfless, and our ability to connect with them is such a great blessing! Thank you Anthropocene Alliance!"

— Dara Hartigan, Save our Soundside, FL

"An amazing mission led by flood victims to mitigate flood risk and vulnerability that works across our country supported by Anthropocence Alliance and it’s many partners!"

— April Thomas, Horry County Rising, SC

"I really appreciate the drive and determination of Anthropocene Alliance and the energy you bring to the movement. I believe that you will continue to serve thousands in the coming years and I am looking forward to the opportunity to help others in their time of need before and after a flood."

— Hilton Kelley, Community In-Power and Development Association Inc, Port Arthur, TX

"We have monthly meetings with all the leaders of the flood groups. These people are my friends, almost family. We know each other’s stories and we share each other’s stresses, strain and heart break."

— Susan Liley, Citizens Committee for Flood Relief, De Soto, MO

"So happy that @LittleGrowersInc has teamed up with Anthropocene Alliance to tackle the adverse effects of climate change. The Alliance has great leadership and its truly been an excellent opportunity to meet and work with like minded people all over the country."

— Camille Hadley, Little Growers Inc, Florida

"Anthropocene Alliance is doing a spectacular job of connecting with flooding communities, supporting advocates for mitigation, and reflecting the latest credible science on climate change. They combine good information and support for those in the trenches who are working to find and fund intelligent responses to the daunting national and global challenge of sea rise and global warming."

— Susan Lyons, Groundswell Charleston, SC

Top illustration: Jacob Lawrence, The Migration Series, No. 3, 1940-41.