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Un Nuevo Amanecer (UNA) began in 2018 in response to the need for mutual aid and front-line support for residents deeply affected by Hurricane Maria in 2017. Their mission is to improve the quality of life in the historically overlooked and disinvested neighborhood of Barrio Playa de Ponce in Ponce, PR. La Playa is a low lying Latinx coastal community, subject to coastal storms, riverine flooding, and urban stormwater runoff due to insufficient municipal infrastructure. Without a comprehensive resilience plan and government action to improve community resilience, natural disasters have led to a population decline of nearly 4,000 people from 2010 to 2020. Yet, UNA is dedicated to uplifting the community, building resilience, and fostering a sustainable future through neighborhood improvements, such as coastal cleanups and tree plantings; health fairs; home repairs; disaster preparedness; individualized assistance; referrals; collaborations with governmental and nonprofit assistance; and a research agenda that has produced a GIS-mapped inventory of  170 unused properties, documented lived experiences with flooding, and a 240-household survey about flood perceptions and desired mitigation. The organization’s research agenda is focused on equitable climate adaptation planning, with an eye to transforming abandoned spaces to provide community goods, economic, physical, and social resilience for neighbors. Additionally, the organization is about to embark on a NFWF-funded National Coastal Resiliency project to produce discretely fundable green infrastructure projects that protect and promote fish and wildlife habitat that also serves to protect human settlements.

Un Nuevo Amanecer’s community garden project.

Un Nuevo Amanecer is a 501 (c) (3), community-based non-profit located in the barrio of Playa de Ponce, in the city of Ponce, PR, founded by Ramón Figueroa (president) and Pastor Roberto Ortiz (vice president). UNA works to better the quality of life of the residents of Playa de Ponce through advocacy and community organizing. UNA cooperates with community volunteers to improve the climate resilience and resource security of Ponce Playa. This work includes beach clean-ups, reforestation, and the construction of community gardens. UNA, with $1.2 million worth of funding provided by various governmental (NFWF, USACE) and non-governmental (Thriving Earth Exchange, Climigration Network) organizations, also conducts research towards the development of technologies and techniques that both improve community resilience to ecological damage and improve the lives of the citizens of Ponce.

Un Nuevo Amanecer hosts clean-up and build days for the community to get involved.

Information for donations during December 2023

  • For those residing in Puerto Rico, you can use ATH Móvil’s donation button and this path /unnuevoamanecer
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