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Move Past Plastic (MPP) is on a mission to help society move away from wasteful single-use plastics and toward a regenerative economy more in harmony with nature. Founded in 2021 in central Pennsylvania, MPP is a conglomeration of individuals, organizations and businesses that offer education and resources aimed at getting companies and consumers to better understand and reduce their plastic usage. They work to change ordinances and create legislation to provide alternatives to single-use plastics while decreasing consumption and waste. MPP also works to debunk the myths of recycling, deemed a false solution to plastic pollution in shifting much of the burden onto consumers while failing to promote consumer responsibility. As a leader in helping people understand the complexities of the single-use plastic crisis and the need for new regulations to solve this vexing pollution problem, MPP is helping Pennsylvanians generate a healthier and more sustainable world.

Tamela Trussell doesn't want her tax dollars subsidizing the fossil fuel and petrochemical industries.
Tamela Trussell doesn’t want her tax dollars subsidizing the fossil fuel and petrochemical industries.

MPP is a grassroots organization sponsored by the TLC Foundation. The organization holds regular monthly meetings and tables at local events to educate people about how they can get away from single-use plastics and the toxic dangers of PFAS (poly-fluoroalkyl substances). This includes education about the entire plastic life cycle, as well as the environmental health threat resulting from the chemical toxicity of single-use plastics in addition to the pollution. Campaigns include asking consumers to calculate how many single-use plastic items they buy when grocery shopping and accept a challenge to reduce the percentage of single-use plastic items purchased; encouraging voters to write to Congress to urge opposition to exemptions and special treatment for so-called “chemical recycling”/plastic burning technologies and plastic waste; and asking the EPA to ban vinyl chloride after the horrific chemical disaster in East Palestine, Ohio.

Learn about PFAS and how to use your municipality to test their drinking water for these toxic bioaccumulating chemicals.

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