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Blaque Women Rising

Dayton, Ohio

Blaque Women Rising, in Dayton, OH, founded to address the impact of COVID-19 and systemic inequalities, is a black female-led grassroots organization. Based on the lived experiences of Black women and women of color, Blaque Women Rising aims to dismantle oppressive structures and achieve racial, economic, and gender equity while amplifying black women’s voices and advancing their leadership. Operating nationally, BWR confronts challenges such as job loss, economic disparities, healthcare inequities, and violence against women by fostering a collective narrative and validating black women’s power and experiences. In 2021, BWR launched the Black Appalachian Coalition across the Ohio Valley of Appalachia —Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia and Kentucky—to raise Black communities’ voices, reframe the narrative of Appalachia as being only rural and white, and spotlight the legacy that extractive industries leave on land, economies, and families’ futures.

Bishop Marcia Dinkins, Founder and Executive Director of Black Women Rising speaking to a group of women.

Blaque Women Rising, founded by Bishop Marcia Dinkins, is a black female-led multi-issue organization focused on connecting the voices of black women, women of color, clergy, and faith leaders. Through their efforts, they aim to address various critical issues including healthcare, reproductive rights, racial and economic justice, violence against women, harm reduction, and community trauma. They established the Black Appalachian Coalition, through which they have organized the Black Appalachian Policy and Strategy summits (in 2022 and 2023 respectively)  that center the overlooked narratives of the Black community in Appalachia. Blaque Women Rising strives to create a more inclusive society where women’s voices are valued by advocating for guaranteed access to reproductive health, fighting gender discrimination, championing the battle for fair wages and environmental safety, and investing in the lives of Black women and families.

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Opinion: Medicaid ‘a blessing’ that must be protected 56 years after its signing, Columbus Dispatch, by Marcia Dinkins and Wendy Patton – The Columbus Dispatch, July 2021

Black Women Rising hosts virtual roundtable on racial disparities among Black women during COVID-19 –, September 2020

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