Whispering Pines Concerned Citizens

Navarre, Florida

Led by Carmen Reynolds, Whispering Pines Concerned Citizens is a collaborative citizen’s group concerned about flooding and new development, including the planned addition of 7 apartment buildings and a cottage home subdivision. Runaway growth and drainage problems as well as flooding are impacting the entire county.

In addition, Whispering Pines Concerned Citizens and partner organizations in Santa Rosa Country are working with Thriving Earth Exchange to find solutions to balancing resource management with growth in a reasonable way with appropriate planning. The project involves “Inventorying and mapping the elements that influence quality of life in Santa Rosa County [to] form a critical foundation for any number of future community science initiatives, including creating and advocating for good policy, applying for FEMA and other grants, and building a sustainable development plan.” The project is beginning in April 2021 and will take just over a year.

Fill and build development in Navarre, Florida.

Written by Michele Gielis


Navarre resident Carmen Reynolds addresses the Santa Rosa Board of County Commissioners January 24, 2021 posted by Save our Soundside

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Two new subdivisions planned for Navarre, South Santa Rosa News, January 3, 2019

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