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Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center

Boulder, Colorado

Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center’s mission for 40 years has been nonviolent direct action against nuclear-powered weapons. Today RMPJC also works to clean up plutonium contamination, prevent fracking, and keep fossil fuels in the ground. RMPJC was founded in 1983 after a landmark action of civil disobedience at the Rocky Flats Nuclear Weapons Plant near Denver, CO. The plant was a US manufacturing complex that produced plutonium triggers for nuclear weapons. After years of effort, the activists were able to draw 17,000 people to join hands on October 15, 1983, and encircle the plant’s 17-mile perimeter. RMPJC’s efforts led to an FBI investigation that shut down the plant permanently. The group continues its work at Rocky Flats, where a national wildlife refuge now sits on land contaminated with plutonium after an inadequate federal cleanup. RMPJC is also currently working with 350 Colorado, training members in nonviolent direct action to stop the climate crisis.

Since its 1983 encirclement of the Rocky Flats Nuclear Weapons Plant near Denver, Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center has developed into a large organization guided by consensus and partnering with many other groups for a peaceful, just, and sustainable world. With 30 other organizations, it is part of the national Alliance for Nuclear Accountability, addressing the production of nuclear weapons and the consequent water, land, and air pollution from radioactive wastes. With ally Rocky Flats Downwinders, it is working to permanently close the Rocky Flats National Wildlife Refuge through its  “Keep Kids Off Rocky Flats” campaign. Its Nuclear Guardianship Collective, more broadly, proposes a new ethic to “guide decision-making on the management of radioactive materials.” The group works with to phase out oil and gas fracking. It coordinates with the University of Colorado Boulder’s Peace, Conflict, and Security Program. And it allies with the United Nations Association of Boulder County.

Smoke covers the skyline as a wind-driven wildfire forced evacuation of Superior suburb of Boulder, Colorado, U.S. December 30, 2021. Photo: Trevor Hughes/USA TODAY NETWORK

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