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Landman for the Planet is piloting an initiative that helps mineral rights owners pool their resources and invest their rights or royalties to help fight the climate crisis. By collectively retaining their rights instead of selling them to pro extraction interests, mineral rights owners can support the climate movement by keeping their assets in the ground when possible and invest royalties in the climate movement when there’s no option to extraction. Founded by artist/activist/mineral rights owner Eliza Evans in 2023 to build on the prior efforts of her All the Way to Hell project at the intersection of art and activism, Landman serves millions of mineral rights owners in the United States who want to support front-line communities and build a just climate future. As a resource center for those who wish to place their mineral rights in the hands of like-minded activists committed to a just climate future, Landman for the Planet provides an inventive new way to address climate change.

Landman for the Planet Office Hours today @lamamagalleria!

Eliza Evans at #Landman for the Planet Office Hours at @lamamagalleria! “As a #Landman, I’m ready to disrupt the extraction industrial complex. Forget about straws, recycling, and diet—let’s talk about #collectiveabundance!
Come and encounter lots of great work and ideas at this show. Don’t miss out!”

Landman for the Planet is a fiscally sponsored project of Arts and Ecology, Inc., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, founded by artist/activist/mineral rights owner Eliza Evans in 2023 to build on the prior efforts of her All the Way to Hell project at the intersection of art and activism. With 8-12 million mineral rights owners in the U.S. as target members, the organization aims to convert the polluting legacy of mineral extraction into pro-climate action. In addition to coordinating the flow of resources to the climate movement, Landman will become a custodian of mineral rights for owners who prefer to divest entirely of these assets and leave them in the hands of a climate-conscious, rigorous steward. By converting individual gestures from mineral rights owners into a new form of environmental resistance at the intersection of property law, fossil fuel business practice, and bureaucracy, Landman for the Planet is advancing the fight against climate change with a platform for large-scale people power and distributed noncooperation in oil and gas regions across the country.

For more information:

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The Art of Obstruction – A new art project uses the legal system of mineral rights as a means to block oil and gas extraction. – summer 2021

All the Way to Hell – In Dialogue with Eliza Evans – 11/5/20

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Greg M. Schwartz

Greg M. Schwartz

Greg is an award-winning investigative reporter who specializes in covering environmental justice issues with a track record for shining a light on crooked science and regulatory capture. He has a Master's degree in Journalism and Mass Communication from Kent State University in his native region of Northeast Ohio, where he also served on the May 4th Task Force. He has spent most of his adult life in California, where he's also a freelance music journalist with a preference for socially conscious rock 'n' roll bands.


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