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Good Stewards of Rockingham (GSR) and the Dan Riverkeeper, established in 2014, are dedicated to protecting and restoring the air, land, and water in the Dan River basin that sustain life in their communities. Based in Stoneville, NC, they aim to create a culture that values and respects the environment and each other, promoting science-informed, community-based decision-making and stewardship. GSR focuses on addressing environmental threats such as coal ash contamination, mining, fracking, and pipelines, which endanger the health and well-being of the region’s residents. With a commitment to environmental and racial justice, GSR amplifies the concerns, needs, and hopes of marginalized communities historically affected by environmental injustices. Through advocacy, policy initiatives, and accurate water testing, GSR strives to ensure accountability, safety, and a clean environment for all.

Steven Pulliam on FB: “This trap will go into Matrimony Creek and keep lots of litter from entering the Dan River, thanks to @waterkeepersnc. Even better, we have awesome partners at @cityofedennc and @danriverbasin!”

GSR was born after Duke Energy’s coal-fired steam power plant allowed 39,000 tons of coal ash and 27 million gallons of wastewater to leak into the Dan River in 2014. Mercury, cadmium, and arsenic poisoned waterways that supported commerce, recreation, and farming, negatively impacting residents’ health, and depressing regional economies. To date, only 10% of the contamination has been removed. GSR works to hold state and corporations accountable. They provide accurate water testing to ensure safety and bring action to areas that remain imperiled by toxic contamination. In 2019, they joined the Waterkeeper Alliance and named Steven Pulliam its first Dan Riverkeeper. Pulliam focuses on water quality testing, regular patrols and community engagement including Creek Week, a yearly celebration of regional waterways that invites rural residents and neighbors to enjoy and appreciate their precious natural resources as a community. Dan Riverkeeper has also joined the Waterkeeper Alliance campaign, Pure Farms, Pure Waters, fighting pollution by industrial meat and egg factories.

Dan Riverkeeper at Farm Aid, Sept. 2022

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