Eastside Community Network

Detroit, Michigan

Eastside residents welcome new community rainscape garden in Chandler Park that will serve as a community focal point and a vital piece of flood-mitigating green infrastructure.

Eastside Community Network (ECN) has been actively working with community leaders in southeast Detroit for over 35 years. Through the Lower Eastside Action Plan (LEAP), ECN has engaged neighborhood leaders and Sustainability Fellows, as well as technical experts, environmental advocates, and civic leaders and local institutions to address a broad range of sustainability issues.

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In 2020, ECN received funding from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation to collaborate with national partners – including the Thriving Earth Exchange, the Anthropocene Alliance, the Center for Neighborhood Technology, and Elevate Energy – to develop a resident-driven, expert-informed planning process to provide a comprehensive analysis of specific flooding risks in flood plain neighborhoods, with an emphasis on exploring nature-based solutions along with the gray infrastructure improvements. As they compile findings and recommendations, they are coordinating planning efforts with the City of Detroit, their engineering contractor, and the Detroit Army Corps of Engineers. 


Eastside residents welcome new community rainscape garden in Chandler Park

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