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Cultural Economic and Environmental Resilience (CEER) Services

Ocoee, Tennessee

CEER Services maintains offices in two countries, with headquarters based in Ocoee, Tennessee. CEER Services works internationally to provide technical support to any self-identified group or organization which seeks to build durable, climate-resilient infrastructure.

Ocoee, Tennessee
Costa Rica

Our mission includes building cultural, economic, and environmental resilience at the local level by facilitating the growth, capacity, and adaptability of organizations and communities.

We help turn visions into actionable and sustainable results. Clients rely on us to solve issues that demand an objective and multidisciplinary approach—one that integrates expertise across the social sciences, engineering, and community development. We tailor our approach to suit the requirements of each project, offering the strength of an industry expert with the dedication of a local partner.

In 2023, CEER Services spearheaded several projects, including assisting a non-profit organization on the Pine Ridge Reservation in securing a large grant for general operating support from the Growing Justice Fund for Equitable Good Food Procurement. This funding aims to foster the growth and development of a 12-month Greenhouse Food Security Project, contributing to establishing local food and regional value chains. We also secured critical funding for a life-saving firewood bank, ensuring the distribution of wood to families on the reservation.

We are currently involved in designing an earth-bermed, climate-hardened polyculture greenhouse system. The intended site will showcase geothermal heating and cooling systems, rainwater collection for irrigation, and other sustainable practices. The objective is to establish an enduring demonstration site for technology that serves the community by demonstrating a business model that provides local food security amid shifting weather patterns, offering educational opportunities, and fostering economic strength.

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Dorothy Terry

Dorothy Terry

Dorothy Terry is a journalist by profession, having worked as a daily newspaper reporter on both coasts and a contributing writer for several national magazines. She is a former Congressional press secretary and has worked as a communications manager and consultant for corporations and nonprofits.


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