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In May 2021, one of the youngest organizations in the Anthropocene Alliance took form in Puerto Rico. Kevin Shockey, founder of Ahora Inc., looked around on the island he calls home and saw blue tarps still on roofs four years after Hurricane Maria struck in 2017. He sees rampant food and economic insecurities, while the utility announces a 7.6 percent increase to electricity bills in July 2021. 

But the most glaringly obvious inequity is in the way that certain parts of Puerto Rico that are the centers of tourism and business have been rebuilt, while the places where the workers live are still in disaster recovery. Shiny marinas and glittering hotels show no scars of Maria or the earthquakes that struck the island just prior to the pandemic, while the rest of the island continues to try and rebuild.

Puerto Rico, Miami Herald – January 2020

The challenges are many, including flooding, water contamination, air pollution, extreme weather, erosion, and biodiversity loss. But Kevin’s vision includes nature-based solutions, community farming, stopping poor development and fighting for renewable energy through engaging and empowering his community around the 17 U.N. Sustainable Development Goals. In addition, Kevin is providing assistance to PYMES and other NPOs to digitize their operations, and facilitate capacity building.

Written by Michele Gielis

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