Our core initiative, Higher Ground, is the largest flood survivor network in the country. The network has 35 members across 20 U.S. states. These ethnically and politically diverse groups are typically set up by flood survivors during disasters and sustained by volunteers. Each group represents approximately 1,000 residents, although they vary from fifty to four thousand.

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Aa helps these groups stay together after the emergency in order to prevent the next one.  We provide them organizing and logistical advice and put them in touch with experts – primarily building engineers, hydrologists and attorneys -- from across the country.

Of the 35 member groups we are working with, half have been matched with pro bono scientists through a partnership with the Thriving Earth Exchange of the America Geophysical Union, and one-third have received mini grants from Aa. For every dollar invested in Aa, $5 is leveraged through in-kind resources provided directly to the communities.

Susan Liley heads up the Citizens Committee for Flood Relief in De Soto, MO. Thousands of flood survivors, like Susan, are fighting flooding and climate change: hosting events, running programs, introducing legislation, and taking out lawsuits.