Our Purpose

Anthropocene Alliance educates and organizes individuals and communities harmed by environmental abuse and climate change. And we aim to help everyone envision a safe, prosperous and sustainable future. 

We build public support for action against environmental destruction and climate change by:

  1. directly engaging those most vulnerable to its impacts;

  2. establishing partnerships with other like-minded organizations; 

  3. creating networks and platforms to facilitate collaboration;

  4. encouraging critical discussion of the political economy of climate change;

  5. supporting policies that protect the environment and reduce greenhouse gases.  

Because low income and minority communities are generally the first to suffer from climate change and environmental abuse, they receive our primary support; please see Aa’s Justice Statement to learn more.


The Anthropocene Alliance is guided by nine core principles:

  1. Help the most vulnerable.

  2. Care for animals as well as humans — we all have a place on the planet.

  3. Devise practical, imaginative and scalable programs and solutions.

  4. Be resourceful and collaborative. It isn’t about us. It’s about healing the planet.

  5. Gather useful data and produce cogent analyses.

  6. Create mitigation plans that can be secured by regulation and legislation.

  7. Support fairness. Everybody should pay their fair share for sustainability.

  8. Be creative. The old ideas haven’t worked. Let’s try some new ones and let artists and writers have a say.

  9. Accept success. When we’ve achieved something, move on to the next thing.