Here are five ways you can get involved.

1. Start or join and flood survivor group.

2. Schedule an introductory call by filling in the form below.

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3. Join the Higher Ground Facebook group and sign up for our newsletter.

4. Buy one of our fabulous t-shirts!

5. Contact us about being a volunteer or intern with our national team. You’ll get exposure to a little bit of everything including public policy research and advocacy, non-profit management, fundraising, social media and communications.

Volunteer activities are individually crafted to reflect the interests of the volunteer.  Please get to know us through our website so that you’ll know what initiatives match your commitments and educational needs.

If you are a student, we will work closely with you to ensure that you receive academic credit for internships whenever possible. Internships are unpaid.

Kevin McKinney runs the Flood Victims of Richwood. Thousands of flood survivors, like Kevin, are organizing residents to tackle flooding and climate change. They're hosting events, running programs, introducing legislation, making planning appeals, and taking out lawsuits.