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We envision a time – not very far in the future – when meat eating will be like cigarette smoking today: rare and disparaged. Schools, businesses and public service announcements will promote tasty, plant based diets, and highlight the dangers of meat eating to human health, the environment, and of course animals themselves. But the future doesn’t happen by itself – it needs organizers and activists.

VGNPWR will:

  • train and support existing vegan groups around the country to help them advocate for policies and practices that support veganism.

  • act as a liaison between grassroots vegan organizers and national environmental organizations.

  • provide a strong and independent voice for billions of animals currently doomed to suffering and death from the meat industry. Animal protection and mainstream environmental organizations should all send the same message: Go Vegan!

  • ensure that the joy and justice of plant based eating is impressed upon environmental and social justice non-profits, as well as trade associations, food companies, and state and local governments.

We work in all kinds of communities, but especially focus on places affected by poverty and a chronic lack of access to fresh, healthy, plant-based foods. Working people and communities of color are fast becoming the best advocates for food, animal and environmental justice.

Meagan's story - "I'm not an Earthling Ed." Meagan Richard, a researcher, describes the challenges she faced talking to her family about veganism and her interest in vegan activism. Are you a vegan? Want to get involved in activism? Get help!( VGNPWR is an initiative of Anthropocene Alliance, a national nonprofit.

Why we launched VGNPWR

VGNPWR is an initiative of Anthropocene Alliance (Aa). VGNPWR assists vegans, would-be vegans and other environmentalists team-up in the epochal struggle against animal cruelty, ecological destruction and global warming. Our future depends on it. Major shifts in the U.S. and global food production is essential if progress is to be made in environmental protection and reduction of global greenhouse gasses.

Every year, some 56 billion birds and mammals are killed for food. There are no good numbers for fish, but it may be upwards of a thousand-billion.  Animal agriculture contributes some 20% of greenhouse gasses, more than the entire transport sector. In addition, about 30% of the loss of global biodiversity, according to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization, is attributable to the creation of pastureland and growing of livestock feed. Fish populations have declined by 50% in the last half century and continue to decline. The killing of animals and fish for food must end for our own and the planet’s sakes. Only by cultivating a politics and ethics of succor toward all sentient beings can humans hope to create a just and sustainable world.

We aim to bring vegans and would-be vegans together to advocate for better access to plant-based foods in restaurants, cafes, schools, hospitals, and markets. We’re also determined to persuade mainstream environmental organizations to promote a plant-based diet. We must change what we eat in order to survive – it’s as simple as that.

Join a vegan group

By joining and setting up local vegan groups, members can work together to:

  • Encourage local restaurants, cafes, and other catering establishments to provide significant vegan menu options.

  • Host social gatherings to support to new and existing vegans.

  • Act as a point of contact for local partners – government, agencies, farms, environmental groups – that highlights the role of a plant-based diet in improving public health, reducing water pollution, mitigating climate change, and conserving land.

  • Mobilize friends and neighbors to vote in support of relevant programs, policies and legislation.

  • Become sources of information for local and national media.

If you manage a group and would like to join the coalition, please contact us. We will provide a list of these groups in the near future. Meanwhile, we have compiled a list of Facebook groups in the U.S. that promote veganism.

Find vegan resources

Interested in which organizations support veganism in the U.S.? We’ve prepared a list of organizations in the United States currently involved in veganism. Listing below does not constitute endorsement of any organization’s specific practices, tactics, or efficacy. We urge you to look closely at any organization you may wish to collaborate with, join, or support.


Sue Coe, 2017