Letter to the New York Times

Biden vs. Sanders: The Next Leg of the Democratic Race. New York Times. March 6th, 2020, by Stephen F. Eisenman, Aa co-founder.

To the Editor:

For the many disappointed Bernie Sanders supporters (including me), we need to keep our eyes on the ball: saving human civilization (and myriad animal species) from extinction. Here’s how: Bernie must call up Joe Biden now and tell him that if he will publicly and enthusiastically endorse a Green New Deal, Bernie will quit the race and work to unite the party.

The genius of it is that the Green New Deal is very popular with voters, especially the young voters Mr. Biden needs, so it’s a win-win!

Stephen F. Eisenman
Micanopy, Fla.

The writer is co-founder of Anthropocene Alliance, an environmental nonprofit.

Stephen F. Eisenman

Stephen F. Eisenman

Dr. Eisenman is Professor of Art History at Northwestern University, a widely published writer, critic, and curator, and an activist who has campaigned against climate change, U.S. sanctioned torture, long-term solitary confinement and animal abuse. More from Stephen at Counterpunch.org.

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