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Flood prone developments continue despite Mayor's worthy words

Charleston, SC: Despite recent hurricanes, significant investment in the Dutch Dialogues (including a trip Netherlands in fall 2018) and worthy words by Mayor Tecklenburg on flooding and sea level rise, a major development is on the city agenda for approval.

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Dr Phil Dustan, member of Lowcountry Flooded States of America, describes the development as a moral hazard that will “put innocent buyers at risk, and threatens neighboring communities.”

The proposed 126-acre ‘River Run’ development on Johns Island will cut across lowland forests, marshlands and a major section of Burden Creek. Dr Dustan says that it “will be built on low land that is exposed to storm surge and rainwater flooding. It will block the flow of flood waters out of Burden Creek placing neighboring communities and much of the Burden Creek Basin at increased flood risk.  And it will add about 2270 vehicle trips per day to River Road.”

Residents have started a petition against the development: https://www.change.org/p/charleston-city-council-save-river-road-johns-island-sc-from-more-developement/u/25162758