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Fill, Build and Flood: Dangerous Development in Flood-Prone Areas

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“You have unchecked development in the flood plain, combined with unprecedented storms and flooding. Too many people are one storm away from catastrophe.
— Harriet Festing

National: Several Higher ground members are quoted in this article on the practice of fill and build, including Ed Browne of Residents Against Flooding in Houston, TX, and Terri Straka of Rosewood Strong in Horry County, SC. Higher Ground’s director, Harriet Festing, is also quoted.

"People Die Every Day"

Ellicott City, MD. This developer is objecting to stronger rules on development that would make Ellicott City, MD safer. Three people died as a result of the flooding in the city in 2016 and 2018. Does this bother you? Join our Higher Ground Facebook group - the network for flood survivors.