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Fill, Build and Flood: Dangerous Development in Flood-Prone Areas

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“You have unchecked development in the flood plain, combined with unprecedented storms and flooding. Too many people are one storm away from catastrophe.
— Harriet Festing

National: Several Higher ground members are quoted in this article on the practice of fill and build, including Ed Browne of Residents Against Flooding in Houston, TX, and Terri Straka of Rosewood Strong in Horry County, SC. Higher Ground’s director, Harriet Festing, is also quoted.

How 2 South Carolina communities are fighting collapse after major floods

Horry County, SC: Two Higher Ground communities were referenced in this article in the Post and Courier.

In response to the article, April O’Leary who heads up Horry County Rising says: “Thank you Chloe Johnson with Post and Courier. Last week was tough as developers and related businesses who have a shared vested financial interest attacked flooded families by claiming we are “Enviros” trying to destroy the economy and 25,000 jobs. They couldn’t be further from the truth, we’re trying to prevent our communities and economies from collapsing due to these events. Floods are a natural occurrence and they are only catastrophic if we allow people and property to build in high risk areas where they are in harm’s way. My plea to you all and will always be, to call these entities out for what they are- PROFITS OVER PEOPLE.“

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