Help us Ban Fill and Build (+ Flood)

Politicians get elected by money.  If developers put in money, they get a seat at the table. They are down at City Hall all the time. But people like me can’t do that, because we have real jobs.
— Ed Browne, Residents Against Flooding

National: The practice of piling fill dirt on flood-prone land, then constructing housing or other developments on top, needs to be banned. This article published today in US News and World Report explains why. Fill and build is driven by money. Developers can charge a premium for homes near the water. And unbuilt land in the floodplain is cheaper—and more abundant—than on higher ground. These economic realities are driving a vast expansion of development in flood-prone areas. Between 2000 and 2016, the U.S. saw more development in floodplains than outside of them.

There is a major barrier to achieving reform: the powerful and wealthy lobby of developers and builders, who run PACs, fund political campaigns, hold political positions, hire lobbyists, and play golf with the politicians who make the decisions. 

Over the next few weeks and months, we'll highlight the stories of people impacted by fill and build developments, and the fights being played out across the country as residents seek to ban it at local level. Sign up to share your fill and build story, and to receive campaign updates.

Have you been impacted by fill and build developments? Please email separately your photos, drone footage, and other details to We’ll aim to features these developments on our website.

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