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Wailuku, Hawaii

KAʻEHU is on a mission to restore the natural resources around Hawaii’s Kaʻehu Bay and preserve traditional Hawaiian culture with a community-based, family-oriented approach to environmental stewardship and sustainable agriculture. Founded to help protect the Paukukalo Coastal Wetlands and significant cultural sites in the area, KAʻEHU members have been working for three decades to maintain and preserve resources for traditional and cultural practices for the community. Activities include promoting sustainable management of the land and bay, utilizing those resources in conjunction with other agencies and cultural organizations to promote and preserve traditional Hawaiian cultural activities, and providing fiscal sponsorship to native Hawaiian and indigenous nonprofit organizations with needed services for their community. As a steward for the area’s natural wonders and culture, KAʻEHU provides a home base for citizens to preserve all that makes Ka’ehu Bay a special place.

Volunteer at beach cleanup in May 2023.

KAʻEHU is a nonprofit organization that partners with other nonprofits and businesses to help restore and preserve the Ka’ehu Bay region while promoting cultural practices along with sustainable agriculture and development. Partners include the Trust for Public Lands, Kauahea Inc., Hale Hoʻolana, Makahiki Athletic Association (MAA), Aloha Missions, and Planning Innovative Kommunities & Opportunities (PIKO). Programs include monthly community work days that involve the restoration of streams and native plants, removal of invasive species, and beach cleanup of debris along the shore of Kaʻehu Bay. The Community Environmental Stewardship Program provides training in traditional shoreline and land stewardship, while the KALO Healthy Families Program hosts workshops to promote healthy relationships within the home and community. The Mālama Hawaiʻi Program offers tourists a discount on lodging or even a free night’s stay in exchange for volunteering with Ka’ehu during their visit.

For more information:

Maui’s Kaʻehu Bay restoration gets help from Jean-Michel Cousteau, Maui Now, July 2022

Greg M. Schwartz

Greg M. Schwartz

Greg is an award-winning investigative reporter who specializes in covering environmental justice issues with a track record for shining a light on crooked science and regulatory capture. He has a Master's degree in Journalism and Mass Communication from Kent State University in his native region of Northeast Ohio, where he also served on the May 4th Task Force. He has spent most of his adult life in California, where he's also a freelance music journalist with a preference for socially conscious rock 'n' roll bands.


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