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In the News

Our frontline leaders have brought visibility to their communities. Their struggles and successes have been reported by the BBC, The Guardian, The New York Times, MSNBC, Bloomberg News, and US News and World Report. Below is a list of media coverage of the work of A2.

When Climate Change Comes to Your Doorstep. New York Times. August 31th 2021. (references the Great American Climate Migration, created by the Climigration Network and Anthropocene Alliance)

National coalition of community groups fights for flooding solutions. Yale Climate Connections. July 21st 2021. (quotes Harriet Festing, Executive Director and Co-Founder of Anthropocene Alliance.)

Hardship binds flood survivors: ‘All we have is each other’. E&E News. April 27th 2021. (quotes Harriet Festing, Executive Director and Co-Founder of Anthropocene Alliance, references Queen Quet of the Gullah/Geechee Sea Island Coalition, Katherine Egland of EEECHO and Rebecca Jim of LEAD Agency.)

Two op-ed’s written by Anthropocene Alliance (Aa) members/staff are featured prominently in a new e-book compilation by our wonderful friends at Island Press: Resilience Matters: Reimagining the Future in a Tumultuous Year

The first article in the book – “Climate justice in frontline communities: here’s how to (really) help,” was coauthored by Hilton Kelley and Katherine Egland.

Slightly further down the list on the first page is “Monster hurricanes are now inevitable, but flooding is not,” which was written by Aa co-founder, Stephen F. Eisenman.

McMaster to sign bill establishing new office for chief resiliency officer on flooding. WMBF News. September 28th 2020. (References Rosewood Strong and quotes Harriet Festing, co-founder of Anthropocene Alliance and Higher Ground.)


OPINION: Monster hurricanes are now inevitable – but flooding is not. Thompson Reuters Foundation News. September 17th 2020. (by Stephen F. Eisenman, co-founder of Anthropocene Alliance.)

Major Real Estate Website Now Shows Flood Risk. Should They All? NPR. August 28th 2020. (quotes Harriet Festing, co-founder of Anthropocene Alliance and Higher Ground.) 

How to heal emotional wounds after disaster. The Center for Public Integrity. August 25th 2020 (quotes residents from several Higher Ground groups.)

Disasters are driving a mental health crisis. The Center for Public Integrity. August 25th 2020 (quotes residents from several Higher Ground groups.)


Climate justice in frontline communities: Here’s how to (really) help. The Hill. March 24th, 2020 (opinion piece by Higher Ground Council leaders, Katherine Egland and Hilton Kelley.)

Biden vs. Sanders: The Next Leg of the Democratic Race. New York Times. March 6th, 2020 (features a letter written by Aa co-founder, Stephen Eisenman).

Draining the Reservoir Can Mitigate Flooding, But Some Residents Object. Bloomberg News. February 24th, 2020 (quotes Harriet Festing of Anthropocene Alliance.)

Fill, Build and Flood: Dangerous Development in Flood-Prone Areas. US News and World report. October 8th, 2019 (quotes several Higher Ground members.)


Outside the Spotlight, Communities around the Nation Seek to Rebound from Climate-Related Disasters. The Climate Mobilization. October 4th, 2019 (features multiple Higher Ground members.)

Surging Waters: Science Empowering Communities in the Face of Flooding. AGU. September 24, 2019 (features multiple Higher Ground members.)
What 500,000 Americans hit by floods can teach us about fighting climate change. The Guardian. August 30, 2019 (features multiple Higher Ground members.)

Alliance of Flood Survivors Launch Nationwide Campaign of Community Action Called “United Flooded States of America”. The Insider, An exclusive publication for ASFPM members. July 2019.

Flood survivors join forces to change policy, fight climate change. Citizens’ Climate Lobby News. July 18, 2019.

Women Are Fighting Flooding Crisis in the US. Human Rights Watch, July 1, 2019. Article by Skye Wheeler of the Women’s Rights Division.

Stop building on floodplains, say flood-hit U.S. families. Yahoo News, June 24, 2019. By Sebastien Malo, Thomson Reuters Foundation.

Commentary: Stop building in floodplains. Chicago Tribune, June 17, 2019. Commentary by Aa Executive Director, Harriet Festing.

Stop Building in Floodplains. The Progressive, June 18, 2019. An Op-Ed by Aa Executive Director, Harriet Festing.

Flooding in the Chicago area has been so bad in the past decade that only places ravaged by hurricanes sustain more damage. Chicago Tribune, May 10, 2019. The article highlights the story of Higher Ground member, Lori Burns.

Flood survivors are identifying the root causes of repeated flooding. Ensia, April 23, 2019. The article highlights several of the community leaders involved with our initiative, Higher Ground.

Once derided, ways of adapting to climate change are gaining steam. National Geographic, January 9, 2019. Our initiative, Higher Ground (formerly Flood Forum USA), is described as a “ for flooded towns and scientists.”

The Year That Was and Wasn’t. The Morning News, December 18, 2018. Writer, Elizabeth Rush, describes “broad climate coalitions are coming to the fore from Higher Ground (formerly Flood Forum USA) to the Sunrise Movement and the push for a Green New Deal.”

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