Scroll this page to find downloadable information on setting up and leading flood survivor groups. 

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Starting a Flood Survivor Group?

Is it time to rally the troops? Let Higher Ground help you. There is plenty of work to go round, and many hands make it light. We can help you partner with services and providers that will lighten the load and keep you afloat.
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Protest 101

You can vote in elections, or run for election, meet with elected officials, attend public meetings, send letters to newspapers. But sometimes, protest is the best way to build a movement and change things!
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Flood Slogans and Chants for Public Meetings and Protest

Bringing humor to public meetings, hearings, rallies and protests keeps people’s spirits up and gets the attention of politicians, government officials and the media
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How to Get Politicians to do Things

People sometimes ask: “Why don’t elected politicians hear us?” Higher Ground has produced a brief guide to make sure they do. If you follow its three guidelines, you won’t always get what you want, but at least you’ll have a fighting chance.
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About to be Flooded?

The local weather report can be terrifying when you know that your river is rising fast. What do you do when the water is heading your way? Download this guide to help you take the necessary steps to protect your family and home.
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