Flood Forum USA helps people harmed by flooding from across the US get organized, heard and supported. We aim to help them: 1) envision a safe, prosperous and sustainable future; and 2) develop strategies for attaining it.  It is an initiative of the nonprofit, Anthropocene Alliance (Aa).

We do this by:

  • Acting as a strong and independent public advocate for the millions of people in the US affected by flooding. 

  • Helping communities form neighborhood flood forums that can work together to mitigate the impact of flooding and demand prevention. 

  • Acting as a liaison between the Flood Forums and organizations with the skills and resources to help them: federal, state and local government and their agencies, trade associations, insurance companies, non-profits and businesses.

Our focus is on sustainable solutions to that bring multiple benefits to communities, such as restoration of wetlands and forested areas; upgrading commercial corridors, parks and brownfield sites to manage stormwater; retrofitting homes to reduce flood risks and hold stormwater; investment in urban tree canopy; buying out private property in the floodplains, and strengthening workforce training.

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To become a Flood Reporter! Storms have gotten more intense and more destructive in recent years due to poor planning and global warming. Unfortunately, we can expect even more of the same in 2019.

We’re recruiting volunteers to document flooding events so we can better predict, mitigate and adapt to them. If flooding occurs in your area:

1) Go someplace safe;
2) Be sure your family, friends, neighbors and companion animals are safe;
3) Get out your cellphone, switch to video, and record what you see.

A video of flooding can help with insurance claims and future rebuilding. And when you send it to us, we can alert folks across the country about what’s going on.

Your videos will be posted on our YouTube channel, and shared via our Facebook page. Sign up here.

We can help

We offer people affected by flooding:

  • Free technical assistance to help you better understand the nature of your community's flood risks and potential solutions.

  • Introductions to major agencies and nonprofits who can help your community respond to flooding events.

  • Regular webinars, training, and online guidance on ways to reduce your flood risks.

  • A monthly forum, via video conferencing, to share experiences with flood survivors from across the U.S. and get support and advice.

  • The nation's first video library of flooding footage.

  • Briefings on legislation and policies to help your community address flooding and climate resilience. 

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Find a Flood Forum

Flood Forums are typically set up spontaneously by flood survivors (businesses as well as individuals), volunteers and supporters. They are comprised of residents and businesses affected by, or at risk of flooding. By coming together in groups – sometimes only virtual, sometimes tangible – members support each other, sharing sympathy, ideas, strategies and practical solutions.

Please see the map below to find the Forums that we are currently working with. Most of these groups have Facebook groups that you can join. If you manage a group and would like to be listed, please contact us. We also help new groups get set up - please see below. 

Flood Forums can:

  • Act as a liaison to ensure that disaster relief is distributed fairly and that flood victims are engaged in shaping government plans to protect their communities.

  • Disseminate information, and coordinate donations and volunteer help.

  • Provide on the ground expertise to government on flooding: where it occurs, who is impacted and how.

  • Train flood watchers – residents who can alert relevant authorities about looming problems, such as blocked sewer drains, rising creeks, or debris in rivers that may cause or exacerbate overbank flooding.

  • Mobilize friends and neighbors to vote in support of effective programs, policies and legislation.

  A sign from the Flood Forum, 'Ocean City, NJ Flooding'.

A sign from the Flood Forum, 'Ocean City, NJ Flooding'.

Lead a Flood Forum

Residents affected by flooding often believe themselves alone, not realizing their problems may be similar to their neighbor’s. Flood Forums are good ways for residents to document and vocalize problems, discuss causes and solutions, and engage with government and nonprofit organizations.

If you are interested in starting a Flood Forum, please see our factsheets on How to set up a Flood Group, and How to Get Politicians to do Things for You. You can also contact us to get support and advice. 

If you have information or experiences concerning flooding that you wish to share with other groups, please share them on SPOUT, our online community of flood survivors. Your experience and ideas can help us help your neighbors!

What makes a successful flood advocacy group? Helen Lekavich launched Floodlothian Five in 2013 after severe flooding affected homes in the Village of Midlothian, Illinois. They tell their story.

Downloads & Fact Sheets

Scroll this page to find downloadable information on setting up and leading flood forums. 



You can vote in elections, or run for election, meet with elected officials, attend public meetings, send letters to newspapers. But sometimes, protest is the best way to build a movement and change things!



Bringing humor to public meetings, hearings, rallies and protests keeps people’s spirits up and gets the attention of politicians, government officials and the media



People sometimes ask: “Why don’t elected politicians hear us?” Flood Forum USA has produced a brief guide to make sure they do. If you follow its three guidelines, you won’t always get what you want, but at least you’ll have a fighting chance.



The local weather report can be terrifying when you know that your river is rising fast. What do you do when the water is heading your way? Download this guide to help you take the necessary steps to protect your family and home.



Is it time to rally the troops? Let Flood Forum USA help you get organized in starting a Flood Forum. Their is plenty of work to go round, and many hands make it light. We can help you partner with services and providers that will lighten the load and keep you afloat.