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The CLEO Institute’s (CLEO) mission is to educate and empower communities to demand climate action, ensuring a safe, just, and healthy environment for all. Climate and environmental justice have been at the core of CLEO’s work since their founding in 2010 by high school science teacher Caroline Lewis. Even today, CLEO is the only women-led nonpartisan nonprofit in Florida dedicated exclusively to climate education, advocacy, and engagement. While CLEO considers all Floridians to be on the front line of the climate crisis, they prioritize programming for those most disproportionately affected: low-income earners, historically marginalized communities, BIPOC communities, women, and youth. Programs stretch across Florida’s five major counties, Miami-Dade, Broward, Hillsborough, Leon, and Orange. CLEO’s bottom-up and top-down approach bridges the gap between communities, local government, & academia to ensure residents’ voices & needs are at the forefront of climate policy.

The CLEO Institute uses optimism, education, and action to change Florida’s climate future. CLEO’s core programs include Climate Resilient Schools (CRS), genCLEO, Community Engagement, and Empowering Resilient Women. CRS provides in-class climate presentations, professional development for teachers, and free standards-aligned climate curricula. genCLEO creates pathways for students to increase their civic engagement around climate issues from high school into college. The Community Engagement program is designed to build community resilience and improve climate literacy through workshops focusing on climate and hurricane preparedness. Empowering Resilient Women provides six months of fellowship programming to build climate literacy and individual resilience for 30-35 women of color in Miami. CLEO’s staff, board members, and advisory council share extensive experience with the organization. CLEO educates thousands of people and meets with hundreds of elected officials annually.

January 2024, for the second year in a row, CLEO Institute brought more than 250 of its genCLEO youth from across the state to the Florida Capitol to advocate for clean energy policy; the largest youth delegation ever sent for that purpose! (Photo courtesy of CLEO Institute.)

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