Our support to flood survivors

Our chapters and members are flood survivor groups. Typically set up spontaneously by flood survivors (businesses as well as individuals), volunteers and supporters, they are comprised of residents and businesses affected by, or at risk of flooding. By coming together in groups – sometimes only virtual, sometimes tangible – members support each other, sharing sympathy, ideas, strategies and practical solutions.

Please see the map below to find the groups that are chapters or members of Higher Ground. Most of these groups have Facebook groups that you can join. 

Become a chapter/member

If you are working with residents who are concerned about flooding and would like to join Higher Ground, please contact us. Membership and access to our services is free. We also help new groups get set up - please see below. 


Set up a flood survivor group

Residents affected by flooding often believe themselves alone, not realizing their problems may be similar to their neighbor’s. Flood survivor groups are good ways for residents to document and vocalize problems, discuss causes and solutions, and engage with government and nonprofit organizations.

If you are interested in starting a flood survivor group, please see our guides. You can also schedule a call to discuss the issues you face and get advice. 

If you have information or experiences concerning flooding that you wish to share with other groups, please share them with our online community of flood survivors. Your experience and ideas can help us help your neighbors!

Camille Hadley is a flood survivor and runs Little Growers Inc. Thousands of flood survivors like Camille, are fighting flooding and climate change: hosting events, running programs, introducing legislation, and taking out lawsuits.