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Bunny Friend Neighborhood Association

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The Bunny Friend Neighborhood Association, founded in 2006, works to revitalize and rebuild the Upper 9th Ward of New Orleans, an area devastated by Hurricane Katrina’s storm surges that broke the city’s levees, leaving 80% of New Orleans underwater. The main challenges faced by the organization include the aftermath of the hurricane, the dispersal of the community, and the need for resident-led rebuilding efforts. The residents of the Upper 9th Ward, an underserved community, are threatened by inadequate infrastructure, flooding, and the impacts of climate change. Through collaborative partnerships with organizations like Water Wise Gulf South, Bunny Friend works to empower the community by educating them about green infrastructure and implementing sustainable solutions to address flooding and environmental injustices. By fostering resilience and sustainability, Bunny Friend strives to create a stronger community.

Bunny Friend Neighborhood Association members posting with sign that says "Plan For Peace"
Bunny Friend Neighborhood Association members at the Plant for Peace project in 2017.

Led by Katherine Prevost, a New Orleans native with a Civil Service background and disaster relief training, Bunny Friend Neighborhood Association partners with other environmental organizations to implement green infrastructure across the Upper 9th Ward. They host workshops that teach residents how to use nature-based solutions to mitigate the effects of climate change and flooding, increase food security, and foster a resilient community. Working with Water Wise Gulf South, Greater Treme Consortium, Healthy Communities Services, Dana Brown Associates, and Girl Scouts Troop #42614, Bunny Friend has “greened” 15 neighborhood residences so far. These efforts include building drains and bioswales, planting trees and rain gardens, installing stormwater planter boxes and rain barrels, and replacing concrete with pervious pavement, stormwater lots, and water detention ponds, which all mimic natural processes that funnel floodwaters away from their homes and other critical sites.

Students from the University of Vermont completed a French drain and rain garden in 2020.

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