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Madison, Wisconsin

350 Madison is the local action group for Madison, WI of the international organization 350.org. Since January 2012, when a group of local climate activists came together to found the organization, they have been bringing the community together to take action on climate change; increasing awareness and connecting people to their agency to make a meaningful difference. In their own words from their mission statement:

“Through our campaigns, we oppose pipelines and other fossil fuel infrastructure, work with local governments to convert society to clean renewable energy, pressure large financial institutions to stop financing fossil fuel companies, and promote changes for a healthy, sustainable environment.”

Their creative tactics, grounded in community power, and their ensuing growth has made that change possible. In the words of a supporter during a video interview, “350 Madison has the courage to confront the fossil fuel industry, a sound plant for doing so and the tenacity to stay with it.”

With that tenacity, 350 Madison has:

  • pushed the City of Madison to create a fossil fuel divestment plan
  • worked with the Dane County Zoning and Land Regulation Committee to attach tough restrictions to the permit that Enbridge needed in order to expand the capacity of Line 61
  • helped local landowners take Enbridge to court when the company tried to evade those restrictions
  • collaborated with 80 Feet Is Enough! and the Wisconsin Safe Energy (WiSE) Alliance to help landowners along the line unite to protect their property rights when Enbridge looks for a new easement
  • collaborated with other 350 organizations for national campaigns: 
    • showing up to support marches and rallies across the country, 
    • providing aid and support to the Standing Rock protest, 
    • pressuring President Obama to act on the Oregon-based children’s climate lawsuit, which asserts that the federal government has violated young people’s constitutional rights through its inaction on climate change.

And that’s a partial list…

In 2021, 350 Madison is focused on 4 action steps:

Community Climate Solutions

Primary mission is to help area municipal- and county-level governments and educational institutions achieve their climate goals on time or ahead of schedule. A second mission is to broaden and deepen citizen climate awareness and action across the region

Tarsands and Divestment

Working to stop new pipelines from being built as well as decommissioning and removing existing pipelines. Their 2021 priorities are the Enbridge Lines 3 and 5. Learn more about the Line 5 campaign here and their support of Line 3 resistance here.

Divest and Defund Campaign

Creating a joint public pressure campaign to #StopTheMoneyPipeline that funds the fossil fuel industry through loans, insurance and investments. 

Climate Justice Team

Standing in solidarity with people across the world who are working for justice, equity, and preservation of a livable planet. 350 Madison has committed to elevate climate and racial justice as a priority and to see their work through that lens at all times. 

Written by Michele Gielis

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